Art of Balance

Free Consultation


Feeling hesitant about therapy? Nervous whether you and your therapist will be a good fit? These are completely normal feelings to experience. The purpose of the free 15-minute phone consultation is to help calm these nerves a bit and to express these initial concerns. 


Remote Therapy


Remote therapy, otherwise known as "phone-therapy" or "video-therapy," can be particularly helpful for clients who are unable to commute to the practice's office. This is also useful for clients who do not live in Illinois and would still like to receive treatment from Art of Balance. Video sessions are held through HIIPA-compliant video software, Remote therapy sessions are not billable through insurance; the client and therapist will determine the most appropriate price for remote therapy. Typically, sessions are a standard rate of $120 for hour-long video sessions. 30-45 minute sessions are also available at a reduced rate.

Group Therapy


Group therapy is a great options for those who would like a reduced rate of therapy, do not want to use their insurance, or would like to have their treatment in a more socialized setting. Groups often focus on specific skills or techniques for stress and emotional management and can be a great supplement for individual therapy. Group therapy is also a great option to help understand how the outside world sees you as you'll have the opportunity to receive feedback and perspectives from multiple peers.