Self-Pay Options

If you do not have insurance, have an HMO plan, or have an insurance carrier with which we are unable to access networking, we have other options for you. The standard rate of hourly mental health in Chicago is $130 a session and we request that, if you can afford that, you pay full cost. We are also aware, however, that many people cannot afford this on a weekly basis. We are committed that you receive the care you need and are willing to negotiate the per session rate as well as offer sliding scale and pro-Bono options to those who qualify.


We want you to advocate for yourself, and we still need to keep the lights on. If $130 is too much, consider $100, or even $80. Do those fit into your budget?

Sliding Scale

For our clients who cannot afford at least $80 a session, we have sliding scale options. Our sliding scale works as such:

  1. Identify your weekly take home income after taxes
  2. Divide that by 10
  3. That's your sliding scale rate!
  • For example: you bring home $800 on your paycheck every 2 weeks and your company takes taxes out for you. This means that weekly, you make $400 after taxes. Divide $400 by 10, and your sliding scale rate per session for treatment is $40.
  • As another example, If you get paid weekly and your company does NOT take out takes, lets say you bring home $400 a week. We want to account for taxes, so we'll multiply that $400 by 75% to identify what is left after 25% is removed for taxes. This leaves you with $300 a week income after taxes. Divide that $300 by 10 and your per session rate for treatment is $30.


Yes. For those who are unemployed, disabled, have way too many bills to make any type of sliding scale work, or whatever else the circumstances may be; If you absolutely just cannot afford to pay anything for treatment, we've got you covered.


Whether you're seeking self-pay, sliding scale, or pro-Bono sessions, please fill out the form below to contact us. We will return your communication within 48 hours.

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