Mental Health Concerns:


Growing up feeling “different” can alone be traumatic. Now one must learn to navigate and find normalcy in a world full of hate. We can help. Our clinicians can connect you to resources, help you to build a community, work through the trauma of your past, or understand your identity.

Medical Trauma

Have you experienced a traumatic, life-altering accident or a procedure gone wrong, and now you have to adjust to a new way of living? Are you dealing with the steep learning curve of what it suddenly means to have this illness or be physically disabled? Our clinicians are happy to support you and connect you with resources while you adapt to your new life.

Health Therapy

Our specialists can help you navigate the world while you deal with a chronic and/or progressive illness. We can also help you foster a new relationship with your body, increase your self worth, and form a healthy lifestyle tailored to your specific needs. We understand that one size does not fit all.

Art Therapy

Sometimes it’s difficult to express yourself authentically or tap into your emotions. Art therapy can help you understand yourself better as well as guide you toward your dreams and expand your creative abilities. This practice is beneficial regardless of what you’re going through.

Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology can be great for any high pressure performance: Actors, trial lawyers, surgeons, presenters, and athletes have all benefited. If you’re wanting to improve your performance, feeling stuck, or transitioning out and wanting to find new purpose, this is a great service to take advantage of.


We recognize that the current societal climate does not foster opportunity or love for people of color, women, queer identified people, people with disabilities, people who do not fit an “ideal” body type, or for those who grew up in poverty. It can be a hard world, and identifying your place in that world and your inherent worth is something we’d love to help with.


Partnerships, parent-child relationships, friendships, familial relations, co-working relationships… If you find that you have difficulty navigating the relationships in your life, we can work with you to identify where you might be getting stopped.


Trauma can happen to anyone at any point in life. And once we’ve experienced it, we carry it around into everything we do. Sexual, physical, mental abuse; accidents; muggings; war… You don’t need to suffer any longer. Give us a call and set up an appointment so you can move on from those experiences that are coloring your every day.

Life Transitions

We all experience life transitions numerous times throughout our stay on this world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Marriage, divorce or break ups, moving, having kids, adopting, being adopted, starting school, finishing school, getting a new job, getting laid off from a former job… the list goes on and on. If you’re struggling to adapt or just wanting some support while you work through it, we can help.


Theoretical Orientations**:

Behavioral therapy

You’ve likely heard of CBT, ACT, or DBT. All of these fall into the behavioral therapy realm. Through these theories of psychotherapy, we take a look at your automatic thought processes and work on adapting them in order to manage your emotional reactions, thus adapting your behaviors to be more workable in getting you to the life you want.

existential therapy

This theory assumes that each individual creates their life and thought processes through their individual perceptions of events. Through this theory we learn to take radical responsibility for the happenings of our lives and therefore learn to cope with unfavorable circumstances much more easily.

internal family systems

The IFS Model for therapy acknowledges that there are multiple “parts” within you. You may be feeling guilty in part, but also partly relieved at a certain event. If you’re often having mixed emotions or find yourself confused or indecisive, this could be a helpful modality for you.

Adlerian therapy

Alfred Adler deduced that our identities are created early on in our lives through the adaptation to our environments and the people within those environments. Through this theory we can learn to understand who we are and why we are that way, thus allowing us the freedom to re-create ourselves or utilize our strengths to create a life that fits our individuality best.

solutions-focused therapy

Solutions-focused therapy is great for those who don’t want to look as deeply into their psyche or who don’t want to spend a lot of time in therapy. It is a fast turn around therapy that helps you adapt to your current circumstances quickly so they can move on with your lives.

Humanistic Therapy

This theoretical orientation focuses on your strengths to help you find a greater sense of self and a purpose in life. It assumes that all humans are perfect and complete already and thus lends itself to a non-judgmental, you-focused process of understanding.

**Each therapist comes with a preferred theoretical orientation and will likely use a mixture of the above listed. If you have a specific preference for theory used in your treatment, please let us know in your consultation so we can be sure to individualize your experience.**